Monosapiens - Love in my Pocket


We're back! First single from the mystical, voodoo, jazz collar tickled new album is ‘Love in my Pocket’. A sultry Bond-esque slice of soul with a hint of Summer. Featuring vocals from Alana Carew, horns from SoundBone and Cameron Jay, it’s cool, classy and care free...


Monosapiens - Love in my Pocket (Gamma Proforma)


Also included on this release is our much dug interpretation of David Shire’s ‘Taking of Pelham 123’, in this case some ‘Giving Back’ with street funk rattle!

Artwork from Elph who has painted alongside the band’s live shows in the past, the single features an excerpt of a larger album piece which will be revealed soon! More info here!




Snow on the Tracks

Monosapiens - Tears (Feat. Alana Carew)

Our latest track 'Tears', which features the soulful Alana Carew on vocals has just been released on the exceptional 'Snow on the Tracks' compilation on Gamma Proforma. Check it out along with the rest of the tunes here!


The Conspiracy

The Conspiracy

The long awaited difficult to listen to second album. 13 spine tingling excursions into the conspiratorial world they didn't want you to see but low budget TV thought you should. Imagine space stations made from toilet roll tubes and you're halfway there...

You will be disappointed! Available now on iTunes, Juno etc.

"Some days you get up and what greets you is enough to send you back to bed in some sad attempt to shut away the world. This record sums up everything that's kept America snoozin "
J Arthur Blackwall (Independent)

"A new low in audio production, the Sap's invent the Sub-Fi genre."
The Dependent

"If you don't buy one record this year make it this one!"
New Pork Times

"Yelp!! Ouch, wirp, i almost... sheeeeeezzzzz! Dat wopplin"
Streisand Honk


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